Begin Again

Life has an interesting way of keeping you on your toes. Just when you think things are comfortable and settled a wrench gets thrown in to shake things up. That’s what happened several months ago. It shook me to my core and I had to make some major life changes. I even stopped writing completely. I took down my sites and without any notice ended my meme. I feel like I owe an apology to my followers for the abrupt disconnect. No excuses- I had to take care of me and my little man.

So this is me starting over. New life without the previous baggage to bring me down. When they say depression has a way of masking itself it is no joke. I had to sit with it though, feel it and all the emotions that come with ending a 14 year relationship. I had to let grief in and let it pass. I know it is far from over but I feel like I am less sad and angry now. I feel the words beginning to bubble and I want to write again.

So what to do with all of the previous posts and the blogs. I did put a lot of work into them, but I still had to let them go. It wasn’t a quick decision and I agonized over the hours spent on it. I discovered something while thinking things through, every post in there had some tie to the past and every time I looked at it I wanted to vomit. So I deleted all of it. The one thing I did keep was this site name because it still felt like home. I can still come here to write and maybe one day when I am not so overwhelmed with being a single parent I might be able to get the meme up and running again.

For now though, this is just me and the music I love to share. I have quite an eclectic taste in music so you will see all sorts of genres pop into my posts. Most of them may be tied to moment and how I feel as I let the music speak for me quite often.

I hope you continue to read what I write here and as you do, let the music wash over. you.

Until the next song- Jae

One thought on “Begin Again

  1. Hi Jae, it’s good to see you back to writing again, and am so sorry to hear you have been through such a hard time. No excuses needed indeed. You are right to take care of yourself and your little man first. Always take care of you!
    ~ Marie xox

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